Join us for Emerge Retreat at Hawthorn Farm! Fall Equinox | September 22-24

Welcome to The Society!

YES!!! Omgoddess I am SO excited that you are joining us!

Make sure you put the below dates on the calendar and send me a DM to let me know that you’re in so I can celebrate you!

Let the journey begin.



2023-2024 Dates


May 9, 10:30-12:30 ET

June 6, 1-3 ET

Arrive June 26 (arrive any time throughout the day, first event is welcome dinner at 7pm)
Depart June 30 (official closing on Retreat) or depart June 31 and enjoy one additional night for fun and integration
Tuscany, Italy

July 4 1-3 ET

August 1 1-3 ET

September 5 1-3 ET

October 3, 1-3 ET Closing Ceremony