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    May 2016

    “I was a dancer at the Moulin Rouge and I was still miserable”

    Before I adopted the Live More philosophy I really didn’t like skinny women. How could they really understand what I was going through? Their lives were so easy!

    As part of my journey I realized how closed-minded I was. You really just never know what’s going on with people and part of developing my program was realizing that a lot of thin women hate their bodies, so happiness must really not be tied to weight.

    A few days ago I connected with a woman I admire so much. A woman who ten years ago I would have labeled as shallow, just because of how she looks.

    Melissa Ambrosini is so beautiful that she was a model and dancer at the Moulin Rouge  in Paris. She spent years skipping lines at the most prestigious clubs, flying all over the world and brushing elbows with celebrities.

    I mean, sounds amazing, right?

    But the reality was that Melissa was miserable. She hated her body, had anxiety and ended up in the hospital because her body was failing under the stress.  In our interview she told me all about how she had cold soars all over her body. Whoa.

    Melissa and I talked about the exact steps she took to go from her breakdown to being one of most successful coaches out there.

    I’d love for you to pop us in your ear and take us on a walk or drive with you.

    You can listen to our interview here

    Melissa’s book Mastering Your Inner Mean Girl is a calming and educational read on exactly how to silence your inner critic and become wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love.

    You can buy the book here.

    I also revealed to Melissa a very personal thing that’s going on with me. She gave me some great advice that I’ve been using daily and it’s really changing things for me. I think you’ll find it helpful too.

    Chat soon!


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    May 2016

    Dear Mother

    Dear Mothers,

    You deserve to

    Be cooked dinner

    Have your feet rubbed

    Go to yoga whenever you want

    Buy a new wardrobe

    Go on vacation that doesn’t involve work

    Take off on a random Saturday

    Get help with the laundry

    Have time to connect with your soul

    Be brought breakfast in bed

    Read on the couch for an hour

    Actually finish your coffee without needing to microwave it 5 times

    Shower alone

    Pee alone

    Go to a museum and look at art all day

    Go on a date

    See the world

    Get your nails done

    Spend money on yourself

    Have a hobby

    Feel sexy

    Feel beautiful

    Feel like a whole woman

    Not just this week because it’s Mother’s Day, but every week. And not because you work hard, but because you’re a woman, and you deserve this just because you exist.

    You can be a wonderful Mom and have space for yourself.  Maybe not every day, and maybe not all the time, but stretch yourself, it’s possible for you.

    Happy Mother’s Day.



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    Apr 2016

    A letter to my body

    There’s always a moment when we “wake up” to the state of our body and notice, “oh crap, I look like sh*t.” That instant is filled with so much pain, judgement and sadness. We feel so much regret for all of the cookies we ate or mornings we pressed snooze instead of going to Zumba. If you had just been more careful, you may have avoided this situation. How did you end up here again?

    Then comes the overwhelm. The mental lists of the new way you’re going to eat, all of the workout classes you need to sign up for and the fantasies of how amazing life will be when you’re back to the way you used to be.

    I used to have these moments of despair all the time. And I used to think that the way to avoid it was to pick a diet, stick to it and never gain weight ever again, but I kept finding myself back in this bottomless pit of sadness around my body.

    A lot has changed for me around my relationship with my body over the past few years and having children has forced me to dig even deeper.

    When Annabelle was six months old, after doing a workout class with lots of mirrors and skinny women, I had one of those “oh crap. I look like sh*t” moments. And I knew in an instant that I could go down the rabbit hole or I could tap into what is true about my body. I pulled out my phone, and in the notes section wrote my body a letter:

    Dear Body,

    Thank you for being there for me and my babies over the past 3 years. You have grown two humans, birthed two humans, breastfed two humans, held and snuggled them. You have willingly digested a lot of bread and ice cream. You have reached into the depths of your adrenals to find the energy to parent and build a business on very little sleep. You have played second fiddle to work, children and my soul. And you never complained. I will never ever turn around and be mad at you for looking the way you do as your state has been manifested by deep service to our life.

    I will only say THANK YOU! Thank you thank you for your diligent, unwavering, deep loving care.

    Now that Annabelle is six months and I am sleeping more, I realize that you need love. You need connection, movement, stretching and healthy food. You deserve to feel alive, at ease, strong, nourished and filled up. You are also my baby and I will care for you so. Thank you for waiting so patiently.

    Starting now, you are now one of my priorities. Kids, body, marriage, soul work and work work can take a back seat to make room and I know that my next level will come from me building a new, strong relationship with you.

    Love love love,


    I invite you to see the truth about your body and all she does for you. Write her a letter to tell her you really see her. Like a mother who has never heard “thank you” after years of selflessly raising children, you will feel your body melt in the joy of being appreciated.

    Being a woman with a body is complicated, and we need each other to move through some of these sticky spots. If you know someone who may find this helpful, I hope you’ll send them this article. Why stay on the surface when we can get deep and real with each other?

    In the comments I would love to read your letter to your body if you are willing to share. Know that your example of love will inspire so many women in this community.

    I can’t wait to hear from you,


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