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    Nov 2015

    Meet one of my best friends…

    I wanted to drop you a super quick note today to celebrate one of my closest friends, Jadah Sellner, who co-authored the new book Simple Green Smoothies that just hit shelves..  

    As soon as I met Jadah a few years ago, I was instantly relieved to find a woman who really got me on all levels.  She’s a mother, an entrepreneur and a health advocate without being a health nut.  Like me, Jadah appreciates taking care of her body but her life doesn’t revolve around it.  Jadah and I have traveled together many times for events and masterminds and our days start with a green smoothie and end with wine.  It’s all about balance;).

    I wanted to tell you about her book because it’s about self-care and self-love, not about losing weight or dieting.  It’s about taking care of your body because you love her, not about shrinking your body because you hate her. 

    You can get your copy here.  It’s gorgeous, full of amazing recipes and incredibly inspiring.

    Here is the Live More Green Smoothie, my go-to green smoothie recipe.  So simple and creamy.



    2 cups fresh kale, stems removed
    2 cups water
    2 apples, any variety, cored
    1 avocado

    1. Blend kale and water until smooth.
    2. Add remaining ingredients, and blend again.

    Note: I personally like to peel my apples to remove that pulpy, gritty taste (but just remember the skin has lots of good fiber too). 




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    Nov 2015

    Practical Magic

    One of my main priorities of late is to show up as ALL ME in my life. To be unapologetically myself, ask for what I want and listen very closely to my soul’s desires. A big part of this is to connect with the divine. A chunk of the time that means sitting with deep personal challenges, contemplating huge topics like who I am as a mother, or asking to be shown my future.

    But a lot of the time, I connect with the divine to help me out with little tasks. Two nights ago I went out with my girlfriends to celebrate the launch of Jadah’s new book, Simple Green Smoothies. She requested a fireplace, which sounded wonderful, but I didn’t have the time or patience to be sifting through yelp reviews to find the perfect place. I would much rather be reading your #LiveMoreChallenge posts on instagram. So instead of wasting a bunch of energy searching for a fireplace, I just took a second, connected to the divine (you may call it God, Buddha, Jesus, the Universe.. whatevs) and said, “Can you find me a fireplace? Thanks.”

    Two days later Jonathan and I were early for a dinner reservation and killing time by walking into different bars and restaurants in a close (but pretty sketchy) neighborhood. The first bar I walked into had gorgeous raw wood paneling, great lighting, hot butter rums on the menu and a (you guessed it) FIREPLACE. We ended up eating there on Tuesday and it was delightful.

    I’m telling you this because using magic is just a lot more efficient than yelp sometimes. Spirituality doesn’t always have to be heavy or saved for Sundays. It can be fun, simple and handy in a pinch. It just takes trust and practice. Give it a shot today.

    In the comments, I’d love to know your practical magic stories.

    Can’t wait to hear.



    P.S. Does this feel completely foreign but intriguing to you? I’d love to have you join our free coaching call today so I can give you more tips and direction on how to connect with the divine. I’m so excited to spend the time connecting with our community and answering any questions you have. Hope to talk to you tonight!

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    Oct 2015

    Want to do this with me?

    I’m an extreme extrovert. For me, I list girlfriends next to food and water as means for survival.

    When I start to work on myself (as I often do) my friendships sometimes take a hit… I feel like I’m leaving them behind or they just don’t get me anymore. And sometimes I can get super judgmental.  I know that’s not super enlightened of me, but we all do it, right?

    Does this ever happen to you?

    What I’ve started doing instead of navigating this whole “I’m in a different space now” conundrum, I just invite them along!  Even my friends who I don’t think will be interested in it at all, are in fact, the ones who are usually the most game for what I have planned and get the most out of it.  Surprises me every time.

    I would love for you to invite at least three of your friends to join you in the Live More Challenge starting on November 2nd.  During the past three challenges we’ve had college roommates, sisters, mother/daughter pairs, long-lost friends and co-workers all doing it together.  It’s truly amazing to see and hear how doing these small daily challenges together can bring women so close.  It’s actually my favorite thing about doing it.

    So send your peeps this post and sign up at LiveMoreChallenge.com.

    Can’t wait to meet your crew!



    P.S. One difference about this year’s challenge than the ones we’ve done in the past, is that although we start off with some of the same classics we always do, like wear red lipstick and buy fresh flowers, towards the end of the challenge I’m going to be asking you to go a bit deeper. I’m going to be asking you to take stock of your life, think critically about what you really want and give you some direction on how to make your dreams a priority. So if you sign up you have to be willing to go there :-)

    Plus we have some INCREDIBLE prizes to give away this year including…

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