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    Jul 2016

    When you feel like a bad mom (like I do right now)

    It’s been a while! How are you?  I’ve spent the past few weeks getting the new Live More Weigh Less Mastery class oriented in the program and taking a much needed break from writing.  And on the home front, things have been a bit… well… let me tell you about it.

    Last Sunday morning I found my 11 month old, Annabelle, eating toilet paper… out of the toilet (I know), and on Tuesday she fell off the changing table while my head was turned and broke her collarbone. Layer on Marshall’s seemingly relentless tantrums and refusal to go to sleep at night, and I’m feeling like a seriously bad mom.

    Of course I can take a step back and see that accidents happen and toddlers will be toddlers but there’s no denying the emotional pain of that nagging voice inside your head that berates you for every little thing you’ve done wrong.

    The truth is that I’m still in it and I’m sure I will have a lot to say on this in the future, but here’s the first three steps I’m taking:

    1. I’m owning that I don’t want to feel like a bad mom. This is not necessarily the same as being a “good mom”. I am dedicated to finding that mix of striving to do my best and honoring that f**king up is a big part of the ride. And I want this to go beyond intellectual understanding and really getting this in my core.
    1. I reached out to my peeps and was honest. I told them not only about what happened but how I was feeling. I outed myself. The more I heard myself say I felt like a bad mom, the louder the part of me that knows I’m great became. My friends told me stories about how they swore at their kid the night before or how their parents put them on the counter at a young age only to have them fall off (and they survived! and still love their mother!).  It’s funny how we can easily see other people’s foibles as understandable and yet we rarely extend the same compassion to ourselves.
    1. I’m learning from my kids. Annabelle was a mess right after she fell, not wanting to let go of me for a second.  Even though it was hard to tell what was wrong and part of me thought she was just rattled and not hurt, I took her into the ER later that morning to get her checked out.  Once we left the hospital in a little mesh tube top to keep her arm still (no cast needed), she was all smiles.  I of course, was a wreck and being hyper protective, but she kept squirming out of my arms wanting to get on with her life.  Without the use of one of her arms, crawling was nearly impossible so she got to work figuring out how to get around.  The next day she was scooting around on one knee and one foot.  Here’s a video of her getting around.

    By Thursday she was teaching herself how to walk.  And now, just one week later, she is fully walking.  I’ve always been told that kids are resilient, but to watch it in action has been so humbling. I feel like I’m watching the raw magic of the human spirit: feel your feelings, let it go, and make life even better than it could have been before.  I’m taking serious notes.

    So I’m here, loving myself through the ups and downs and wishing you the space and understanding to do the same.

    And because we can never hear it enough, you’re a great Mom, and I hope you take pride that your kid didn’t eat toilet paper out of the toilet this week.

    When was the last time you felt like a bad mom? What did you do to make yourself feel better?  Please tell us in the comments.

    And if you know a mom who struggles with this, or needs a community of women who will take her exactly as she is, please forward her this email. I’d love to welcome her to the fold.



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    Jun 2016

    Challenge Winners!! And making your dreams a reality (without feeling selfish or arrogant)

    When I set out to create the Live More Challenge I had no idea how much it would take on a life of it’s own.  With over 14,000 women participating and thousands and thousands of photos posted, we seriously started a Live More Revolution.

    Many of you inspired your friends, sisters, mothers and perfect strangers to step up and create a more fun and meaningful life.  I hope you are very proud of yourself.

    It’s not easy to go against the grain and commit to making yourself a priority, but I hope you experienced that the more filled up you are, the greater capacity you have to love, care for and change the lives of others.  I did this challenge because I believe this world needs more rested, happy, energetic women to make sh*t happen.

    Welcome to the crew:).

    There were so many women who posted photos, but there were a handful who stood out in their dedication, creativity and support of the other women.  I’m so excited to offer these women the following prizes.  

    Our Live More Weigh Less scholarship winners are: Sarah Lynn Wilkinson (@sweetly.sarah), Meta Vashti (@metavashti) and Sherry Valdez (@sherryvaldez).

    The winner of the $300 Anthropologie shopping spree is Alissa Rae Hill (@alissaraehill).

    My wish for you, , is not only to continue to make yourself a priority and do these little things for yourself every day but to really go after that thing you’ve been waiting on, right now. I know sometimes it can feel selfish or arrogant to think that you deserve to have those things you desire so deeply.  Many of us see other people settling for a “normal” life and think that we should be ok with that too.

    But I need you know that you don’t need to be a certain size to have the life you want. And it’s not until you can fully claim who you are and what you want and go after it, that you’ll finally feel filled up enough that you’ll no longer need food for emotional medicine.

    My wish for you is to experience the deep and true feeling of being alive and fully expressed AND to experience the joy of being in a body that you love and take care of with ease.  Now, this way of doing things probably goes against everything you’ve ever believed and is not the norm in your family or community.  This is why I created Live More Weigh Less Mastery.  It’s a collective, a family, a place for you to land, be messy and be held.  The other women, the mentors and myself are all here waiting to scoop you up and help you with this very painful part of your life.  It doesn’t have to be like this anymore.  You have no idea how much freedom you can experience when you just say YES to yourself and ask for help here: LiveMoreWeighLess.com.

    For me, this is the summer of self-care, feminine adventure, dream building and nesting.  There is no perfect time during the year to make time for yourself.   I would love to have you join me in this journey by enrolling in Live More Weigh Less Mastery on this page.  The doors in just two days on Wednesday June 22nd so now is the time to get your ducks in a row and make a decision.  

    Please know I am here cheering you on every step of the way, and I am so excited to continue to connect with you on instagram during my weekly blog posts. You are part of this community whether you are in LMWL or not.

    Love you lots,


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    Jun 2016

    This is the life you deserve [Video]

    Around the time each of my kids turned six months I hit a wall. I was no longer in the cozy container of having a newborn, I wanted to start creating a more colorful life for myself, but I felt flat, overwhelmed and honestly, fat. Even though I knew in my heart that the state of my body was normal, I mean I just had a baby, my inner mean girl gave me no space for imperfection.

    Luckily, I know exactly what to do when I get into that funk. Ten years ago I would have spiraled out of control and gone down the rabbit hole of dieting and self hatred that would’ve lasted a few years. Now I go straight into the Live More Weigh Less philosophy.

    In that state of body jail I had a belief that my body was the cause of my misery. In that moment of psychosis I believed that if I could lose the baby weight then I would feel carefree, excited about my life, super feminine and interesting.

    Then my wise self comes in and lovingly reminds me, “Sarah my love, it’s the other way around. If you create a life that is carefree, exciting, feminine and interesting, your body will come back into balance.” And, as I know from experience, that body balance is all about how I feel, my energy and connection with my body, not what I look like.

    Most women work with me because they think they have a body problem, but in reality, they have a life problem. There is something so out of balance in their lives that they are forced to eat in order to get the feelings they are missing from being in a space of wholeness and joy.

    “I went in thinking I had a food problem and I had a career problem and once we got to that point I was like oh that’s whats wrong and everything started to resolve itself. And the other thing is that even though the program has been over for a while for me I still use it, that’s how good it is.” –Christy

    In my signature program Live More Weigh Less, a large number of the women discover they either have a career or a spirituality problem and when they dive into what is out of balance and how to fix it (I give you some ideas in this video) they no longer need food to fill a gap in their lives and their overeating ceases and their body comes into balance.

    Because these two areas are so hot for people, my third video in the Live More Weigh Less FREE Video Training Program is fully dedicated to helping you create a career and spiritual practice that is more aligned with your soul and fulfilling.

    You can watch the video by clicking on this link now: Live More Weigh Less FREE Video Training Program.

    One more thing, being a woman isn’t always easy and we need each other to move through some of these sticky spots, especially when it comes to loving our body and having a fulfilling life. If you know someone who may find this helpful, I hope you’ll send her this email. Why stay on the surface when we can get deep and real with each other, you know?

    Before you mark this email to come back to later, I need you to know that so many women just go through the motions and plan on getting it together “someday”. But you deserve better. You deserve a life that is exciting, meaningful and full of beauty. And no one’s gonna make it happen for you. So roll up your sleeves and make today your day to start healing this area of your life. It’s not easy, but it’s never going to be, so you might as well do it now. I’ll be there waiting:).



    P.S. Coming up on Wednesday I’m throwing a launch party for my signature program, Live More Weigh Less.

    In order to get your private link, you need to be a part of video training series, which you can join for free here.

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