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    Sep 2016

    Meet my therapist, Justin Bieber + challenge starts tomorrow, are you in?

    I know you haven’t had a chance to sign up for the challenge yet, and I really want you to do it with me. We have thousands and thousands of women all over the world joining us. Even if you don’t post single picture on social media, even if you don’t tell a soul you’re doing it, do it just for you. The daily actions I lay out in the challenge are so simple and make an incredible impact (I talk about the power of this below). You can sign up for free here: http://livemorechallenge.com. We start tomorrow, so it’s time.

    I feel embarrassed to tell you this, but working out has felt close to impossible for me since having kids. Finding the time between running a business, being a good mom and seeing my friends is really hard. But I knew deep down that I needed to move my body for reasons that go way beyond losing weight.  

    I pride myself on being an independent and driven woman. I bet you’re the same way.  And I often try to do things on my own, almost to a fault. Leaning on others and asking for help is hard for me. I feel like I should be the one who has it all together. I mean, I do this for a living!

    But things were getting worse and worse (more on what I’m talking about at the end of this email) and I knew I wasn’t going to make any changes on my own.  

    I called my friend Jadah Sellner and asked her if she would be my accountability partner in going to our favorite hip hop studio in Oakland. We had been together a few times, both of us always had intentions of going, but never seemed to make it a regular thing. Turns out she needed me as much as I needed her

    Once we made plans to go, I couldn’t cancel because I knew she was depending on me.  

    I was nervous to get back on the dance floor. I danced growing up but my body was such a mess after having two kids in two years. Everything jiggled, my balance was off and I had no spring in my step. Not to mention I had no access to my sexiness, kind of a key to hip hop:/. 

    I was late to the class because there was more traffic than I anticipated on the 30 minute drive, so I snuck in and found a spot in the back. There was Jadah with a big hug and slap on the ass.  

    As soon as the first song came on, Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”, I was crying. Yes, it was embarrassing. 

    The tears were triggered by my body’s elation and relief of moving in a feminine and free way. It’s like every hip shake, every shoulder pop was an invitation for my wild, sexy, confident self to come out. I missed her. 

    Going to dance wasn’t about learning hot moves or getting a tighter butt, it was therapy. It was calling me back into myself and waking me up. Since that first class, I make the long trip two to three days a week and Jadah always joins me for at least one class a week. 

    Here’s what I need you to know. Dance isn’t just dance. Lipstick isn’t just lipstick. Flowers aren’t just flowers. These seemingly meaningless, even shallow things, can be so easy to pass up, but these tiny details have significant impact. They are little phone lines to your most self-expressed, live-out-loud, fulfilled, alive self.  It’s important. I don’t want you to lose that part of you.

    “I would just like to say how these challenges have been like therapy for me. Since becoming a mom, I really don’t take time for myself out of the day. I don’t slow down and I need to. Thank you for doing this challenge for all of us Sarah Jenks. Thank you for reminding me that I’m valuable and need to enjoy life and the little things.” ~Pamela

    When we have a lot going on, which I know you do, it’s impossible to make these things a priority, so you need an accountability partner, or three. Someone who maybe needs you as much as you need them. Someone who will tell you, “YES, leave the laundry and come to dance with me.” Who is that for you? Forward them this email now.

    Tomorrow, I am leading my 6th Live More Challenge, a totally free experience that gives you a small thing (with big impact) to do every day for two weeks to wake up that radiant, alive, adventurous woman inside of you, and I want you to do it with a friend.  If you can’t think of anyone to invite, don’t worry, there are thousands of women who are excited to do this with you, you’ll meet them once you sign up on this page.  

    “Sarah Jenks, you are such an inspiration. I pray that your light will shine on and keep doing these challenges because every women needs to know she is worth the happier version of herself. The program that you have created gives us the road map to that happy. Hugs and love.” ~Shon

    “Loving the challenge & appreciating your flawsomeness ♡ I am having so much fun with my little family. Red Lippy was fierce & I love how this challenge is gradually peeling away my hurts. With your help & support of these amazing women, I no longer feel alone ♡♡♡♡ BIG (((HUGS))) to you Sarah Jenks ♡♡♡♡.” ~Marci Lynn

    I’ve been going to dance regularly and I feel completely different. I have more energy, I’m less blue and foggy, I feel sexy, my relationship is better, and I just feel more like me. Yes, my body is also changing but that doesn’t even compare to how incredible I feel. If it weren’t for Jadah and committing to something so simple together, my life could have kept going in a downward spiral.  

    I’m so excited to have you and your friends in the Live More Challenge. You can sign up now by clicking on this link.

    And if you do every challenge you’ll be entered to win one of 3 scholarships to my signature program, Live More Weigh Less Mastery and a $500 Anthropologie shopping spree. Click here to enter: http://livemorechallenge.com.



    PS. Here’s a few incredible results women experienced from the challenge:

    “Stop Waiting…Final Day of the Live More Challenge and I have LOVED absolutely every minute of it. Sounds trite but it has truly saved my life. From starting each day wondering why to tears and laughter and so much love in my heart. A fullness that I have not experienced before. Live with intention, listen to your heart and don’t hold back. I love you. These words have resonated with every single vibration of my soul. I am so excited to be joining the Live More Weigh Less Mastery Program today as my next and greatest step to stop waiting. I did not truly believe how much I have put on hold in my life until I am ‘good enough’…I don’t even know what that goal was for me and how I would finally know I was good enough. And good enough for who exactly?? People in my life sincerely love me for who I am but before now I have never fully trusted or appreciated that. I’ll be a better wife and friend when I feel less broken…do it now! I’ll hold my exhibition when I feel more confident…do it now!! I’ll learn to dance and laugh and will sing in front of a crowd when I am more beautiful….DO IT NOW!!! I will say YES when I am good enough…that time is now. The time to stop caring about the opinion of others is now…and I am excited and scared but I am ready.” ~Kylie

    “The last fourteen days have been an amazing journey of self-discovery. Thanks to @sarahjenks & the rest of the #LiveMoreChallenge community, I have been encouraged and inspired. Motivated to push past my comfort zone (hello red lipstick! finding a quiet cafe in my new(ish) city, sharing myself so openly publicly). What I realized is that life is too short to keep #waitingontheweight & start living the life I have imagined NOW. I have embraced my imperfections and indulged in the simple pleasures that make life so lovely. I have thought long & hard about the 6 areas of life- food, fun, love, body, career & spirit and how living fully in each area applies to weight loss. As silly as it sounds, I have learned more about myself & how to move towards the life I want the last few days than years of therapy. This challenge has been the jumpstart I need to continue to pursue my happy. I cannot thank you enough @sarahjenks for this challenge & giving us all the opportunity to share in your wisdom & get a glimpse into your program. This has meant more to me than you could ever know, and thank you so much to all the other lovely ladies who have shared in this journey. I admire those who are continuing and wish all y’all nothing but success, love & happiness.” ~Sarah

    “I have missed the last 2 challenges, but these past two weeks have been life changing for me. I have stopped doing the things I love because I’m embarrassed about what I might look like, what others may think of me and felt like my weight has been holding me back. I have been trying to lose weight for 10 years and have said to myself THOUSANDS of times “when I lose weight I will be happier, I will be more fun, I’ll live my life”. I’ve been so focused on my weight that my life is passing me by. I’m tired of waiting and these challenges have taught me that I don’t have to wait anymore. I can do all of the things I love and want to do, now. Some things may be harder, but that’s ok. I don’t have to hide in the shadows anymore, I can wear red lipstick and be noticed! My weight does not have to dictate how I live my life. I thought this was going to be a “regular” weight loss challenge, but it was so much more for me. It was a challenge to embrace life at whatever stage I am in right now. And right now, I am enough! Thank you Sarah Jenks, for starting me on my journey! I am going to continue with these challenges to push myself out of my comfort zone and enjoy my life. Today is my birthday and what a wonderful way to start the next chapter of my life! You have all been so inspiring and encouraging. I never thought an online group of complete strangers could have provided that for me, but you did! Thank you.” ~Charissa

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    Sep 2016

    I promise, it’s important

    I’m keeping it short today since I’ve already posted a blog post this week, but I wouldn’t be putting this out there if it wasn’t important.

    Something weird and cool about my job these days is that people send me a lot of books to read, review and tell you about. And to be honest, I rarely get excited about a book enough to take time (mine and yours) to talk about it. But whoa, this one was an exception.

    A few weeks ago Regena Thomashauer, a woman I respect so much, sent me an advanced copy of her new book, Pussy: A Reclamation, and I read it this week.

    It’s bold.
    It’s spiritual.
    It’s political.
    And it’s important. Really f*cking important.

    In it, she talks about how distant we’ve become with our pussies (and about her choice of naming, I was hesitant but a total convert) and how detrimental this rejection is to our happiness, power and health.

    Since reading her book I feel feminine, powerful, beautiful, fierce and magical. And I want this for you. I want this for my daughter, your daughter and women everywhere.

    Not buying this book would be like buying ferrari and leaving it in the garage.

    When you pre-order Pussy: A Reclamation, you will get a free ticket to Regena’s launch party hosted by Regena, Marie Forleo, Kris Carr, and Gabby Bernstein … you know, all my favorite people. You can do so here: mamagenas.com/newbook

    I know you are going to love it.


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    Sep 2016

    Mercury Retrograde and what it means for you

    I used to hear my friends talking about mercury retrograde and thought they were a bunch of hippie dippies. Even though I liked astrology, I thought I was above mercury retrograde, never believing it actually affected me.

    Then one day I’d called my friend in tears saying that nothing was working right, the business was falling apart, Jonathan and I keep fighting, and I just feel like a total space cadet. Sure enough she’d respond, Mercury retrograde my dear. Bah! caught again.

    So this time, I’m preparing, and you can too. Here are 3 things you can do to embrace mercury retrograde and weather the storm.

    1. Understand what it is and how it affects you.
    Mercury retrograde happens when it looks like mercury is going backwards in in the sky, since Mercury rules communication, scheduling travel and clear thinking, all of those things go awry during this period. The period we are in right now runs from August 30th – September 21st. Honestly, just knowing that this is going on and being on the lookout for hiccups and double checking things will help.

    2. Create a self-care ritual
    Although Mercury retrograde supports a lot of technology breakdowns and missed flights, it actually supports a movement towards intuition, your inner world and introspection. The more grounded and in tune with yourself you are, the less you will be affected by Mercury Retrograde. The fact that this is happen during fall, a period that also encourages us to slow down, is a beautiful invitation to come back to you.

    I want to help you make self-care and introspection easier for you, because it’s hard! I know you’re an ambitious and caring women and it’s easier to get caught up in doing a good job and taking care of everyone else at your expense. But just to be honest, it’s not going to turn out well. So, next week I’m leading the Live More Challenge where you will get one small thing every day to help you feel more joyful, grounded and alive. I’d really love for you to join us. It’s going to help you make time for yourself. You can sign up for free here: http://livemorechallenge.com.

    3. See the big picture of your health
    When Mercury is in retrograde during Virgo, it’s easy to get tunnel vision, only focusing on the most obvious solution. If you are struggling with your weight, you may find yourself grasping onto a quick fix diet or cleanse, just to get out of body jail fast! I get it, I’ve been there, but that’s not you talking, that’s mercury retrograde. When you tune into that deeper, wiser part of you, you’ll see that you’re actually craving a more balanced approaching. One that’s based on ease and pleasure, not restriction and hatred. You’re desiring a more creative, revolutionary approach to creating your ideal body. So don’t get caught up in the shadow! The Live More Challenge is that creative, joyful, balanced approach you really need. Sign up for FREE now by clicking here: http://livemorechallenge.com

    And if you do every challenge you’ll be entered to win one of 3 scholarships to my signature program, Live More Weigh Less Mastery and a $500 Anthropologie shopping spree. Click here to enter: http://livemorechallenge.com

    So I hope you actually got this email, that I’m sure is full of broken links and typos, and that you’re going to join me in the challenge. Each day is a little ritual that I do to come home to myself and create a beautiful life and a great relationship with food and my body. You’re going to love it.

    See you there!


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