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    Apr 2017

    Enjoy blooming

    Two weeks ago I sat down to write you a letter. It was my second day back at work after being home with the kids for a while and I was excited to get back to my old routine.

    I finished my taxes in record time and opened a new document to bang out a blog post. Nothing. I stared at a blank screen for half an hour until I gave up.

    Part of me was pissed and frustrated. I had two hours to get some writing done and it wasn’t flowing. Had I lost my touch? Maybe I didn’t have anything good to say. I’ll probably not have anything good to say every again… so goes my inner critic.

    I let her rant for a bit and then checked in with my soul self. She told me to close the computer and go into nature.

    I went to an outdoor hot tub spa where I could soak naked under a redwood tree. As soon as I submerged, I closed my eyes and asked, “what do you want me to do?”

    Instantly I heard, “Enjoy Blooming.”

    We’ve all been told to “enjoy the ride” or “enjoy the process” but to me, that meant, “stop complaining about the crappy work that goes into getting what you want.”

    When I opened my eyes I saw a waxing moon hanging peacefully in the sky and a flower with tight petals still protecting its pistil from the early spring air. Nature was reflecting the natural, intelligent and beautiful process of blooming – an exciting time of potential, in between and growth.

    So instead of trying to “hurry up and get there” I’m enjoying the blooming. I’m feeling the joy of the subtle changes I’m feeling in my body as I’ve been committing to moving her and strengthening her. I’m witnessing my creativity building each day and relishing in the spark that happens when a new idea appears. I’m so fascinated by how I feel different every morning when I wake up, a bit clearer and happier every day.

    Here are 10 ideas (that I’ve tested) for “watering” yourself, you know, so you can bloom 🤗.

    1. Put away the technology and sit in nature for an hour
    2. Take a bath
    3. Walk around naked
    4. Go to a yoga class (you don’t need to become a yogini, just go to one)
    5. Wear a long flowy dress to nowhere special
    6. Skip the wine
    7. Have a long lunch with a friend
    8. Get some support with what ails you (like Live More Weigh Less Membership perhaps 🤔)
    9. Braid your hair
    10. Eat happy foods

    Winter, the season in nature or in our emotional lives can take a toll on us, but it’s all part of the cycle. Now that we are in spring, don’t rush to summer where we will feel like we have “arrived”. Enjoy the blooming.


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    Apr 2017

    Do you chain smoke Instagram?

    I’m addicted to Instagram. Some days I try to relegate my scrolling to an hour a day in the afternoon, but most of the time it’s the cigarette I pull out every 5 minutes when something isn’t holding my attention.

    Someday I’ll address the way I chain smoke Instagram, today is not that day. In the meantime, I’ve created a beautiful relationship with this addiction that has added a lot of beauty, peace, and education to my life.

    When Instagram came out, I wanted to have my house in magazines. Some of it was because I was proud of my creativity and talent, but a lot of it was because I wanted the attention. I followed so many bloggers whose homes were being published in magazines and popular blogs. The spaces were always professionally photographed and perfectly styled, and every time I’d look at a picture I felt this sense of pressure and urgency to measure up. I’d quickly look at where they got that perfectly bohemian throw pillow and debate for days over whether or not I should spend the money.

    I followed women who never shared what was really going on with them. I followed companies I didn’t really want to buy things from. I followed people from my past who I wouldn’t pick up the phone and call, but I knew everything that was going on with them.

    Scrolling left me feeling drained, jealous, and bad about myself. Not a good use of my time.

    So I *curated* an Instagram feed that was a reflection of who I am, and who I am becoming.

    First I went through my feed and paid attention to my body and intuitive feelings that came up when I focused on a picture or their profile. If I didn’t feel AMAZING, I unfollowed.

    Then over time, I followed people who are authentic and wise, people who talk about spirituality, herbalism, and witchcraft. I followed my close friends and family, a select few designers who are authentic and true artists. I also followed news sources I trust.

    My mentor also taught me how to use Instagram as divine information. So in the morning after I meditate I ask the Goddess for a message, and as I scroll something lights me up and catches my eye as a lesson or message for the day.

    So my invitation for you is to curate your feed. Make it art, a spiritual practice, a comedy show. How can you feel more like yourself after you scroll?

    Many women in our community are doing the Live More Challenge right now and my Instagram feed is flooded with positive and inspiring actions to have a fulfilling and magical life. I hope you’ll join us there.

    AND I’m sharing my favorite people I follow on Instagram so come check it out.


    P.S. A note on Facebook, I find Facebook to be waaaaay too much for me and hard to control. I love the elegance and simplicity of Instagram so that’s where I spend my time, but if you have some ideas on how to curate a feel good Facebook feed, let me know in the comments below. Xox

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    Apr 2017

    Are you dying to get your body back?

    Do you ever look at pictures of yourself when you were younger and feel your throat tighten and your stomach fill up with embarrassment because you used to be so thin and beautiful?

    I can’t believe how different I look.  How did I let this happen?

    Does everyone notice how huge I’ve gotten?  Do they talk about it!?

    I need to get a handle on this.  I don’t know how I got so out of control.

    And then you hide the picture hoping neither you nor anyone else will ever see it. It’s just too painful.

    In that moment you vow to change everything so you can get back to that body.  I know you didn’t even know you were so thin and beautiful when that picture was taken, I bet you remember that exact day and how you spent a lot of it feeling fat and insecure.  But, you’re probably thinking, if you could just get back to that weight, then you would enjoy it.  Oh my god, it would be amazing.  You would feel so gorgeous, energized, sexy and carefree.  

    So you make a plan. A plan to cut out gluten, sugar and alcohol, JUST for a few weeks, it will be great.

    But, can I remind you of something?  You’ve tried that before.  And I know you think that this time will be different, but it won’t.  No matter how strict the diet or how badly you want your body back, it will never result in you feeling the way you want to feel.  Trust me.  I’ve been there myself and have worked with over a thousand women in your exact position.  

    Let me walk you through a different way to do things.

    Most women believe they have to weigh less in order to live more.  You probably have this very clear vision of how your life will be when you lose weight, so you put all of your attention on your diet.  But in the meantime your life is pretty flat because you think that everything is going to change once you lose twenty pounds, so why even worry about it?

    And because you’re so embarrassed by how you look, you’re holding back from putting yourself out there.  Even if it’s not completely conscious, when you get real with yourself, yeah, it feels wrong to put on a beautiful dress or plan a hot date with your partner.  Maybe without even realizing it, you’re putting a lot of things on hold like going for your dream job or setting up an online dating profile.  

    It may seem like just little things here and there that aren’t a big deal, but what if you never get around to having the job you’ve always wanted?  Or worse if you never meet your soulmate?  Or completely lose the attraction in your relationship?  That could be a real loss, all because you thought you were too fat to take the first step.

    You are bombarded with messages all day to lose weight, but I am here today to tell you to stop waiting on the weight. It’s only keeping you in body jail because the more unfulfilled your life is, the more you need food to give you that jolt of happiness or stress relief. And all those extra calories from emotional eating are keeping you stuck in this cycle.  

    Ending this struggle means doing things differently. In fact, it means doing the complete opposite of what you’ve been doing. You have to live more in order to weigh less. When your life is so full of joy, meaning, excitement and tiny blessings food becomes something you eat at lunch instead of something you need. You’ll naturally move to your ideal weight for your unique constitution.  

    The first step is having the courage to live full out in a body you’re uncomfortable in, which I know can feel really hard. But that’s where I come in. Starting Monday, April 10th, I’m going to be hosting my most popular program (over 75,000 women have participated over the years) and it’s totally free. If you join us, you’ll feel like one of those women who has a rich and exciting life in just two weeks. And I know you don’t believe me yet, but this will also help you fall in love with your body and heal your emotional eating.  

    It’s called the Live More Challenge and I want you to sign up for it now by clicking on this link.  

    Each day for two weeks, I give you one manageable and fun activity that can be done in ten minutes or less. If you do every challenge you’ll be entered to win one of 3 scholarships to my signature program,  Live More Weigh Less Membership.  

    Here’s what one woman wrote to me at the end of the last Live More Challenge:


    I wish I could knock on your door with a fine bottle of red as a thanks for what the Live More Challenge has done for me in the past 2 weeks.

    I am a wife, a mom of 2 fantastic kids, a nurse and a wandering soul, until 2 weeks ago.

    I jumped in quietly behind the scenes to participate in the challenges.  I went out of my way and way out of my comfort zone to do these small deliberate things that you put out there.

    I bought new underwear and new sexy bras, I put flowers in our bathroom, bought and lit candles that smell so good.  Wore red lipstick and continue to do so, read confidently alone in a coffee shop….and found myself at the end of week 1 with a job opportunity that is so far our of my comfort zone….but guess what?  With the newly acquired swagger and self confidence (red lipstick and grey/pink leopard print will do that to a girl) and a referral from a colleague for this job….I applied and held my breath.

    Today I successfully earned a second face-to-face interview with a multinational pharmaceutical company for a huge promotion from what I am currently doing.

    There are so many things that have come from these small steps, and even if the job goes to someone else….I’ve got my groove back.

    Thank you for pushing us and reminding us of the importance of taking time, not getting stuck in the mundane of being a mom and forgetting that great moms take care of themselves in the midst of the mundane.

    This has been life-altering, and I am forever thankful.

    Much love to you,

    I have pages and pages of other emails like this that I have saved from women who have done this challenge. You can join us by clicking on this link and then entering your name and email to get all the details.  It’s free, so what do you have to lose?


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