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    Nov 2017

    November Full Moon Circle: Sink Into Pleasure

    We started a beautiful tradition in October when 70 women gathered under the Aries Full Moon at the Moon Lodge at Hawthorn Farm. We released our masks, called in our deepest desires, danced and made new friends. It was so fun, and so beautiful.

    I can’t wait to gather again under the Full Moon in Taurus.

    Taurus is all about earthly pleasures (think good food, beautiful music and long talks with friends). We are going to be sinking into the permission to receive the beauty of being alive, connecting with incredible women and identifying and releasing what keeps us spinning too fast to notice and enjoy ourselves.

    Doing this work will be incredibly important as we move into the slower energy of late fall and winter combined with the cultural craziness of the holidays. Coming to this specific Full Moon Circle will really help you find your center so you can create a season of connection instead of chaos.

    When you come on Friday, November 3rd, you’ll be greeted with tea and chocolate and some time to meet other like minded women. We’re going to open the circle with a Sound Healing by Lydia Erickson. If you’ve never experienced a Sound Healing before, you are going to DIE. It’s so amazing.

    We’ll continue to build the magic with the rest of our Full Moon Circle. I can’t wait to share what I have planned.

    I originally was charging $35 for this, but checked in with my intuition and am going to keep the price at $20.

    To sign up, click here: REGISTER FOR THE FULL MOON CIRCLE.

    Women of all ages, backgrounds and spiritual and religious paths gathered last month. This is a time for us to come together and celebrate our differences, learn from each other and just enjoy the company of other open, warm, deep women. I really hope you can come.

    To register click here.

    So much love,


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    Oct 2017

    Wondering where to start with creating a spiritual practice?

    Happy Halloween! Before I take my kids trick or treating tonight I’m connecting with the original traditions of today, traditionally known as Samhain (Saw-in), or Day of the Dead. Today is when people communicate and honor their ancestors and the dead. Getting in touch with the Earth based roots of many holidays and doing rituals and ceremonies on these special days has added so much richness to my life. 

    Are you curious about how to connect with your inner witch but don’t know where to start? I can relate…

    I remember the first time I stumbled upon the remnants of a women’s circle that was held the night before.  You could smell the incense in the air and the altar was still set up.  I had no idea what was going on there, but I wanted IN!

    But I also felt so left out. Like maybe this sacred circle wasn’t for me.  I didn’t know anything.  

    I started following spiritual women on Instagram and reading books on the divine feminine.  All of it felt so overwhelming, like there was so much to learn and take in, I didn’t know where to start!!

    Do you ever feel that way?

    I want you to know that there’s no special spiritual club. No one is more magical than another.  You are welcome.

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed, and don’t know where to start, I want to hold your hand through the process of creating a spiritual practice that lights you up and works with your lifestyle. 

    Last week was so special to welcome the women who are ready to take a big spiritual leap into Wise Woman Winter. Maybe the timing wasn’t right for you, maybe you want to get to know me or this new path a little bit more or maybe you’ve been procrastinating… we still have some spots left if you want to join us. Just click here to get the invitation and all the details… Either way, I wanted to tell you about a workshop I have coming up in two weeks…

    On Thursday, November 16th from 6-9pm I’m hosting a “Create a Magical Life” Workshop for women who are wondering where to start. We’re going to be exploring:

    • What the Moon phases are all about and how to work with them
    • The importance of rituals, how to create them and what you need to have in your tool box
    • What does it mean when people talk about the Goddess, Divine Feminine, Great Mother etc. and where does that leave your relationship with God?
    • How to navigate your new spiritual curiosity with your religious upbringing
    • What practices you can do on a daily basis to feel more connected
    • And you’ll leave with a morning ritual mapped out so you can tune into your magic everyday, right away.

    You can join this workshop by visiting Hawthorn Farm in Medfield, MA

    Register here to attend the live event for just $147.


    Purchase the digital home study version which you’ll receive within 7 days of the workshop.

    Register here for just $47 (Price increases to $97 after the workshop). 

    I can’t wait to be in circle with you and witness you stepping into this new way of being.  I can’t wait for you to see how magical this world, and YOU really are.


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    Oct 2017

    Remember, you’re magic

    I remember walking around my yard in the paths my Dad used to cut with the lawn mower. I walked into the tall grass and I could feel the magic. I could see the sparks of light rise from the blades of grass. I could hear the bugs talking about the weather. I could feel a strong current of energy that connected me to the rocks, the trees, and birds.  But I had no idea what it was or what to do with it.  I just looked and looked for something to hold onto. Something tangible so I could really taste and smell and talk to the magic.

    So I asked for a magic wand for my birthday. I longed to make cupcakes appear out of thin air, to grow wings and fly, to turn mushrooms into bunny rabbits.  I knew that magic was real- I was feeling it every day, so you can imagine my heartbreak when my wand didn’t work. I turned to my Mom with tears in my eyes and told her my wand was broken.  

    I started to take out books on Ancient Egypt from the library and somehow got my hands on a Tarot deck.  I worked regularly with a Ouija board, and I would collect butterfly wings, mud, and flower petals to make potions.  

    Over the years, as I found out Santa wasn’t real and that I was never going to fly, I stopped feeling the magic.  I was so sad to learn the world wasn’t filled with fairies, witches, and spells.  Everything became two dimensional.  I believed in God, but it felt more about heaven and this “other place” that was magic that I would visit when I died.  I felt a sense of trust and safety knowing God was around, but it didn’t feel like that exciting fairy tale magic.

    Then ten years ago I started to learn about spirituality, meditation, the Secret, energy, family constellation, angels, and guides. I practiced manifestation and talking to my angels. Then I stepped into a Priestess Initiate path of the 13 Moon Mystery School and experienced magic first hand, like when I could hear the trees talk or when I could see the whole room filled with rainbows.  I could start to see how I was being schooled, guided and taught.  Every event in my life became a clue on my journey.  I could start to see the great story of my life unfolding.  Rituals, following the moon and the occasional spell, became strongholds in my life and I saw wish after wish come true.

    And finally, after years of practice I finally could see, MAGIC IS REAL! Like as real as you and me.  We just have to learn how to “speak it”.  It’s kind of like learning Chinese.  If I was in the room with two people speaking Chinese, I would have no idea what they were saying, it would just be gibberish, but I don’t question that they are speaking a language just because I can’t understand it.

    Here’s what I need you to get: Magic is talking all the time. You can actually hear it and see it- it just isn’t registering because you don’t speak the language yet (or maybe you do and you know exactly what I’m talking about).

    But here is the thing that is so cool. Magic is the thread that connects us all, it’s the intelligence of the Earth that creates the seasons, the moon cycle and our menstrual cycle.  It’s in the relationship between the flowers and the bees and the trees and birds.  It’s the peace we feel by the ocean or the silence in the first snowfall.  We are part of this weaving, of this language, whether we are aware of it or not.  

    We are all magic. YOU ARE MAGIC!

    Just like every animal, plant and bug have a purpose in the ecosystem and a perfect way of supporting the whole, you too have something that is needed to support the whole.

    You have a certain magic inside of you that your soul chose for this lifetime (and maybe some other lifetimes) to put into this amazing tapestry of life.  It may not come out as being a tarot reader, herbalist, witch or anything traditionally “magical”,  but you have this inner, unexplainable light, this essence, this unique flavor that you’ve probably known about or felt for a while, but don’t pay much attention to.

    Maybe you secretly hoped this was true about yourself, but gave up on it.

    Maybe you think you’re being crazy, or arrogant or too out there.  

    Maybe when you look inside, you can feel this part of you that looks like a firework ready to explode and it just feels too big and weird so you put it out.  

    That is your magic.  It isn’t your job, or even your purpose, it’s just this real, authentic, wise, timeless part of you.  It’s the essence of who you are.

    I want to invite you to let that Magic OUT. To be the real YOU with your kids and your partner and your friends and the checkout woman at the grocery store.  

    So much good happens when you let out your Magic.  You feel less energetically constipated, time stretches, the world sparkles, often abundance flows more easily, work is more fulfilling and you can be of greater service.

    Most importantly, there’s just something so fun about getting to be You.  That’s what you came here to do anyway. To sort through all the muck and confusion and find out who you get to be in this lifetime.  The challenges, and fear and other people telling us it isn’t a good idea to be who we are, all those things just help us to be even more committed to our magic.  

    I know that I’m here to help you remember that you are magic AND to help you uncover what your unique magic is.  We are going to be spending an entire weekend dedicated to uncovering and remembering your magic, your wisdom, your essence.  We will spend our days in sacred ceremony.  We will walk in silence in the snowy woods.  We will gather around the hearth and share what we are uncovering and laugh and cheer at the excitement of witnessing our sisters come into full alignment with themselves. 

    The whole Wise Woman Winter Weekend will be about this sacred s p a c e . To really be in the energy of winter, of the void, potent magic needs this tight container.  

    But I don’t want to leave you with just discovering your magic. I believe it is essential to bring magic into your everyday. So we are going to be doing strategy work together during a bonus 3-hour online group video workshop a week after the retreat. This will give you time to integrate the pieces of yourself you uncovered, and we can plan out all of the details of your life from your daily rhythm to the arch of the entire year. We are really going to get into the nitty-gritty of your vision, plan, and schedule so you have ultimate clarity for your year and beyond.

    We only have 25 spots, and we are nearly halfway full, so now is the time to join us.

    Get the invitation to Wise Woman Winter to claim your spot!

    I can’t wait to get to know you better. It’s going to be an incredible journey.


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