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    Apr 2015

    I have a secret…the truth about Live More Weigh Less

    You were going to figure this out eventually, but I thought I would come right out and say it… Live More Weigh Less isn’t really about weighing less.

    Now, don’t freak out. This doesn’t mean you won’t lose weight, quite the opposite actually, it just means that I am after something deeper, better and more exciting than weight loss.

    It’s so funny, when I tell people that Live More Weigh Less isn’t about weight loss, they think I have a program that revolves around promoting eating whatever you want, whenever you want to. It’s like the goal to lose weight and be smaller is the only reason to eat well and take care of your body.  When you think about it, how messed up is that?

    I believe there is a really good reason to take care of your body, eat well and move, and it doesn’t involve looking a certain way.  It’s about creating a life that is so beautiful, meaningful and fulfilling that you are so motivated and excited to take care of this body you love so much, no matter what size she is.  And it just becomes effortless.


    Live More Weigh Less is about focusing on something BIGGER than your waistline, your soul. Tweet it.

    This program is about discovering your purpose, creating an amazing relationship and having a meaningful life. When we start to treat ourselves like we deserve those things, we naturally take better care of ourselves. We no longer eat to relieve anxiety, loneliness and boredom, we no longer spend 94% of our day telling ourselves how fat and ugly we are, and we start to naturally do all the things that makes us feel amazing like eating healthy food, moving our bodies in a fun way and taking care of our soul – emotionally and spiritually.

     truly happy

    Most of us have been using hating ourselves as a motivator to “take care” of our bodies (though in my book restrictive diets and stressful workouts aren’t very caring). How crazy is this? I believe that we need to LOVE ourselves in order to take care of ourselves in a nourishing and fun way that actually works.

    You see, when we can finally create our dream life and learn how to take impeccable care of ourselves, we fall in love with our bodies. We experience the magic, the comfort and joy of being in a body. This creates a ripple effect to shift our emotional eating patterns and the way we approach food and movement. Then, we naturally move to our ideal weight – a weight that is perfect for our unique phase of life, constitution, and lifestyle.

    So, you ask, “why is is called Live More Weigh Less”? I am so clear that I want to work with women who struggle with their weight and have spent years hating their body. Live More Weigh Less is like a lighthouse to call in those of you who struggle with this. I know that when I was in the depths of body jail, I would only pay attention to weight loss programs. But now that you’re here, I want to tell you the truth: your happiness cannot be about how much weight you’ve gained or lost this week.

    I am here to show you a completely new way to be in your body. I hope you’ll join me in Live More Weigh Less and end your struggle for good.

    And there’s another secret I want to tell you… this will be the last time I will be offering Live More Weigh Less Mastery with Group Coaching. As I’ve mentioned, we are offering two different programs this year: Live More Weigh Less Mastery and Live More Weigh Less Self-Study.

    Live More Weigh Less Self-Study is the incredible new option where you get the six module curriculum, amazing bonus material and a private community with the support of Live More Weigh Less Mentors.

    Live More Weigh Less Mastery is the way we have always done things – six module core curriculum, private forum where I am present, a printed cookbook and journal and weekly group coaching with me. This will be the last time I am coaching in Live More Weigh Less Mastery and the last time it is available. And just so you know, enrollment closes on April 13th.

    Why am I doing this?

    A few reasons…

    ONE. My goal is for all women who struggle with their weight to understand that dieting and hating their bodies is never going to lead to happiness. I want the switch from counting points to Living More to be a no brainer, which is why our pricing for LMWL Self-Study, and our pricing going forward, is comparable to a one-year subscription to Weight Watchers. I want you to stop waiting on the weight and start creating the life you want now, not twenty pounds from now, and I want it to be easy for you to get support.

    TWO. I am excited to bring new products, retreats and courses to you and the women in this community. I need some brain space dedicated to making these dreams and ideas come to fruition.

    THREE. Live More Weigh Less isn’t about me. It’s about building a community that continues to grow and flourish year after year. This is why I’ve carefully selected and trained a small group of mentors to support and guide women through the program. What’s so amazing is that once you do LMWL, you can apply to be a LMWL Mentor which allows you to deepen your own journey by helping others and by getting personal coaching from me. Our mentors are now leaders in their fields, feel great in their bodies, have amazing relationships and are just incredibly inspiring. They are in many different life phases and live all over the world – I know you will find someone you really connect with.


    Since this will be the last time, I cannot tell you how PSYCHED I am to be coaching the women in Live More Weigh Less Mastery this spring. I have plans to bring in new content and bring the women to an even higher level than we have before. I have learned so much about relationships, motherhood, spirituality and my body since the last LMWL and I am bursting to share it with this special group.

    Live More Weigh Less is currently open for enrollment. You can see if the program is right for you here: LiveMoreWeighLess.com




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    Apr 2015

    My problem with dreamers

    In 2008 I dreamt of helping women heal their body image issues and enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, mean while, I was still thirty pounds overweight and severely addicted to food. When I graduated from the program in the summer of 2009, I was still in the thick of my overeating, I actually gained weight during my time at IIN, but I was starting to figure out that if I ever wanted to feel at home in my body, I needed to start living the life I thought I was going to have when I was thin.

    So I quit my stable job in advertising with no savings, no clients lined up and thirty pounds to lose. I didn’t think, I just knew what I wanted and did it.

    I remember one night when Jonathan and I were craving a night out. We were living off Jonathan’s medical school loans and credit, and when we checked our bank account, we had barely any money left to get us till the end of the month. We could’ve easily panicked and started conversations about me going back to work, since it had been almost a year since I quit, and I hadn’t made much money, but we knew we just had to keeping going.

    We threw together a small but elegant dinner at our 300 square foot studio with ingredients we had in our college sized refrigerator, and then we got dressed up in our best outfits, me in a formal dress, Jonathan in a suit, and we walked around the block and back to our apartment, pretending we were going out to eat.

    To this day it’s still one of the most romantic nights of our lives


    Looking at where we are now, I’m so grateful I took that huge risk 4 years ago. Each with a career we love, an incredible life and a growing family, we have so much to be grateful for.

    And I know it’s because instead of dreaming, we decided to take some risk and just do it. Rationality is overrated.

    I know a lot of women who’ve been designing a business, day dreaming about a clothing line or writing a song in their head.


    And when a glimmer of an opportunity comes knocking they think…

    • I’m not rich enough
    • I’m not well known enough
    • I’m not confident enough
    • I’m not thin enough

    The list goes on….

    So we busy ourselves with all of these space fillers: jobs we hate, boyfriends we don’t really like, diets that don’t really work and make us hate ourselves.

    We keep telling ourselves that this is part of the journey is just “part of life” and we’ll get there someday.

    I’m gonna be real with you: If that’s your attitude, it’s never going to happen. I say skip the journey and get right to the point. What do you want? What do you want to create? What do you want to do? DO IT!

    • Ask for a loan
    • Get your friends involved
    • Kick him out
    • Get the help you need Today.

    Life rewards doers, not dreamers. Tweet it.

If you want to be surrounded by a group of doers, and have me there to coach you every step of the way, then you should consider enrolling in Live More Weigh Less. You can learn all about the program and get all of the details by clicking here.

And in the comments below, I want to know what are you gonna make happen today?

Can’t wait to hear it and cheer you on!




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    Apr 2015

    Live More Weigh Less is Open for Enrollment!

    I wanted you to know that the doors for enrolling in Live More Weigh Less are open, and it would be so amazing to have the opportunity to work with you.

    You can get all the details on the program and see if it’s the right thing for you here.

    I know that this program isn’t for everyone, and I did my best to be clear about who this is for and to tell you everything you need to know, so you can make the right decision for you. The exact content, the dates, and the structure are all spelled out here. You’ll also be able to hear from some of our incredible alums and what the program was like for them in their own words.

    There comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to make a decision, are we going to passively go through life, hoping that someday we’ll get it together enough to finally feel beautiful, love our job and be madly in love? Or are you going to decide that even though you’re busy, tired and have a million excuses why it’s not the time to focus on you, that it’s now or never.

    All you need is the willingness to try a new approach, and the commitment to invest in yourself. I will handle the rest.



    And if Live More Weigh Less isn’t the right fit, no worries at all, I just want you to know how much you deserve an incredible life and a body you love, and I hope you stop at nothing until you get it.

    I want to make sure you know that there are two different versions of Live More Weigh Less that are available this year: Mastery and Self-Study.

    Mastery includes our core Six Module Curriculum plus coaching with me and lots of other bells and whistles.

    Self-Study gives women access to our core curriculum without the coaching for a much lower price point.

    I have gotten very clear that I want as many women to experience this work as possible, so I created a more financially approachable version.


    Also anyone who signs up for Live More Weigh Less Mastery (not Self-Study) between now and 8pm Eastern tonight (April 1st) will receive a super special welcome gift from me – $100 gift card to Anthropologie to get something nice for yourself NOW, not twenty pounds from now.  Only the women who sign up before 8pm Eastern today on April 1st will receive this gift – no exceptions.

    To learn about which program is right for you, visit: LiveMoreWeighLess.com.

    I hope you’ll join me for the virtual launch party tonight.  You will receive your invitation when you sign up at LiveMoreWeighLess.com.  See you there!

    Sending you so much love and a big hug,


    P.S. The best part about Live More Weigh Less is the incredible women that enroll. All of our alums will be taking the program again this year, so to check out who you’re gonna be hanging with and read about their stories, click here.


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