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    Jul 2015

    The biggest mistakes coaches make (+me on a magazine cover!)

    Every once in a while, I love to jam on coaching and being an entrepreneur.  It’s a big part of my life and although I’m not a business coach, I love dishing a little wisdom from time to time.

    I’m so excited to share with you that I’m the cover girl for Inspired Coach Magazine.

    I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the beautiful, loving and inspiring founder, Julie Parker.

    Some other amazing women who have graced the cover are Danielle LaPorte, Nisha Moodley, Melissa Ambrosini, Nitika Chopra, and Alex Jamieson.

    To be honest, I get pretty honest in this interview and talk about the mistakes a lot of coaches make and the misconception a lot of people have about starting their own business.  If you are a coach yourself, or are thinking about, do not skip this article.

    You can read it here: http://sarahjenks.com/inspiredcoach

    Hope it’s helpful!




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    Jul 2015

    What to do when getting into a bathing suit feels like social suicide

    Happy 4th of July!  I’m taking off to my family’s summer house today for the next two weeks with Jonathan and Marshall and I couldn’t be more excited.  Jonathan just started his research year yesterday as part of his surgery residency which means his work hours are switching from the normal 5am-9pm to 9am-5pm!!!! I literally cried with relief when he got home after his last day on Tuesday.  The past four years have been quite challenging for both of us, and I am so excited to have a year with him around more.

    So, let’s talk about 4th of July, and the thing I know is on your and everyone’s mind… getting in a bathing suit. Oy vey.

    I remember I used to starting dieting in April so I could look great by July 4th, but every month I managed to gain a few pounds (pressure + stress + body hatred = recipe for disaster) so by the time I brushed off my bikini for beach volleyball I was softer than I was the week after Christmas.  Feel me?

    I remember dreading everyone zeroing in on my lumpy thighs and bulging tummy.  What is wrong with her? They would think.  Why can’t she get her sh*t together?

    And then I started to Live More, which meant stepping out from behind my body shame and fully engaging in life, regardless of what I looked like.  Not only did I start thoroughly enjoying my beach weekends, but I actually felt hot in my bikini, even though I hadn’t lost a pound.

    If you’re feeling shy about getting in a bathing suit this weekend, remember these three things:

    1. You will only look as awkward as you feel.  People actually are not paying attention to your weight or zeroing in on your love handles. I promise.  But they do feel energy.  They can tell if you are comfortable or not in your skin.  So get comfy!  Spend the next few days walking around your house naked, get a suit that is physically comfortable for you to wear, and do the next two steps…
    2. Engage your senses.  A big part of being comfortable in your skin is using your body for what she is meant for, instead of a glorified mannequin for your clothes.  When you get to the beach, smell the salty air.  Feel the mist on your skin and the sun on your shoulders. Listen to the ocean.  Our bodies are the most amazing experiential instruments and we miss the magic when we are so consumed with how we look.
    3. Live More.  When we feel uncomfortable it’s easy to convince yourself that you could enjoy yourself so much more if you were thinner, not true.  People are insecure no matter what size they are. Shrinking doesn’t cure shyness.  Engaging in living does.  So talk to the people you’re with, really connect.  Say YES to jumping in the water. Build a sand castle.  Grab someone for a walk.  Laugh.  Attempt synchronized swimming.  Read a magazine. Enjoy the sun.


    Feeling hot in your bathing suit isn’t about being smaller,
    but living bigger.  Tweet it.

    Need a little more inspiration?  Here are a few women from LMWL who have learned to love being in their bathing suit…



    “Today, I know my relationship to my body is an expression of how much I love and tend to myself. And that started with my decision to be more focused on having an interesting life rather than a “perfect body” ( p.s that doesn’t even exist) I took this pic to remind myself that where I am today is beautiful. I feel great in my body because I’m falling more in love with myself and life everyday.”  ~Awo
    When I heard Sarah speak for the first time, I knew this was the person who had the knowledge that I needed to unlock what I was missing in my life, and I felt like I didn’t want to wait any longer. A few weeks ago I did something I’ve never done! I wore a bathing suit to the pool at a work function. I saw my boss and two of my new associates and felt great!” ~Linda
    “I felt free in my body to wear what I wanted and felt great in it! It felt amazing to see others women’s bodies think they were beautiful and not go down the comparison rabbit hole. Because I was able to love and celebrate my body, I was able to love and celebrate everyone’s bodies around me which had me feeling as free as I did when I was a kid at a pool party!” ~Alyson

    This isn’t about looking good or perfect, but about feeling free to fully enjoy yourself.  

    In the comments below, I’d love to know what scares you about getting in a bathing suit, and which of these steps you’re going to try.  And if you have any other suggestions, please tell us!!



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    Jun 2015

    What to do when you feel like you’re failing at life

    This is hard for me to admit…. I love my son so much, but for a while, I wasn’t sure if I loved being a Mom.  I would listen to other women talk about their experience of being a Mom and they just seemed to be experiencing something I wasn’t.  I didn’t feel like a bad Mom, I just wasn’t really enjoying myself, ever. It felt like a ton of work, on top of the work I was already doing.

    For a while I kept it in, completely embarrassed that I felt this way. And when the feeling of disconnection wasn’t going away I knew I needed to do something.

    First I started outing myself to everyone and asking for advice – from my friends, parents, therapist, coach and husband. I came at it with a beginner’s mind and was willing to try anything.

    The thing that was most helpful was realizing that I didn’t really know what kind of Mom I wanted to be. I spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of mom I should be, what kind of mom I thought Marshall needed or what kind of mom my mom is (which are some seriously big shoes to fill).


    But, as long as I was trying to do things the way I thought I should, there wasn’t any space for me to become myself and the mom I was meant to be.

    As I’m sure you’ve experienced, this pattern can happen in any area of our lives – our career goals, our relationships, our friendships, our eating habits…

    I asked myself, what kind of Mom do I want to be, regardless of who my children are, who I’m married to or who raised me. I set out to create a mission statement that aligned with my being and my desires.

    Here is what I came up with:

    My Motherhood Mission Statement

    I am here to be a steady source of love and comfort.

    I am not here to be Marshall’s constant playmate, he has his own friends!

    I am a Mom who is calm and stress free when possible.

    I give Marshall lots of hugs and kisses, even when he wiggles away.

    I will be a witness to his adventurous soul, allow him to fall down, get really dirty and challenge himself, even when it makes me nervous.

    I will bring in lots of amazing adults into his life, so he can learn from many different people, and so I can have someone to connect with.

    I will be a great role model for him, tending to my own dreams and desires so he can do the same.

    Now, this isn’t about being deliberately different, rebellious, consciously the same or unique. It’s just about listening inside and seeing what comes naturally.

    Since I did this a few weeks ago, things at home have completely shifted. Since I am clear on my role, I “pass” or nearly pass my own test everyday. Since I feel like I’m succeeding and am in integrity with myself, I am more relaxed and have a better time.  Because of that, I can see Marshall better, connect with him more easily and he seems to be picking up on my energy and throwing less tantrums. It no longer feels like work, and I can easily say that I enjoy being a Mom. A HUGE personal win for me.

    So now I want to ask you: what area in your life do you feel like you could be enjoying more or be more aligned with? Is it with work? Friends? Your relationship with your body or with food? Your spiritual practice?

    Take some time today to erase all the shoulds or should nots based on the people around you. This isn’t about being more like her or less like him.  It may help to write all these shoulds down. Then get quiet and go in. Imagine your soul writing you a letter. You can journal, be quiet or go for a walk, whichever is best for you. Then write out a mission statement for yourself. I would love for you to post it below if you feel comfortable so we can witness you.

    I know doing this will bring you so much ease, certainty and joy.

    Lots of love,



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