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Volume XV – The final message.

I am calling all of the women who are ready to stick their necks out.

I am calling all the women who are ready to stretch into the oblivion of what’s right for them…

Who are willing to fuck up and fall on their face and fail, in the name of their soul.

Who are willing to tell the truth, even when it isn’t met with agreement, especially when it isn’t met with agreement.

I am calling the women who are ready to make a change in their world – in the world.

I am not here for the ones who are going to shy away from the hard stuff.

But I am here for the scared – because it is scary to go against the grain and your fear is valid, but it is not the reason to stay hidden in your safe and protective disguise.

I am calling the women who are here to build a legacy that is different from the legacy they were born into.

You don’t need to know the path yet, it will be revealed. You just need to know that it is you. 

I am calling all of the women who are ready to leave the protection of the patriarchy because they remember that they are the protectors now.

Unhinged is today. Sign up here.

(Yes, we will send the replay).


The Goddess (via Sarah)


This is our final message in the Unhinged Transmission series. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading these messages.

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