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Volume VI (from Kelly)

Part one. 

Dear goddess, will you tell them the story of how my magic came online because I feel like this is the story to share next but I am not really sure how to lead into it.

Sure, my love. I will tell it.

And you are right. This is the right story to tell next. 

You were not one of those little girls who always knew she was magical when she was small but then forgot. There are many of them out there. They knew it from day one until it was beaten out of them by the normal world so they chalked it up to fairy tales and kid stuff and moved on.

Not you.

Not only did you show absolutely no signs of magic yourself but you actively and openly and sometimes vehemently questioned the idea of magic or make-believe.

In fact, I remember how much you hated cartoons or anything animated from an early age, constantly wondering what these fake, elaborate characters were even doing and why people cared. 

I remember when you were in the first grade and you left a letter for Santa Claus in your stocking asking him to provide a signature as proof of existence.

I remember you pestering the nuns at your Catholic grade school to explain how Adam and Eve started humanity when they had only two sons. You asked: Did Eve make babies with her children? Why is everyone skipping over this part of the story? This literally makes no sense. If the Bible is made up (and based on that chapter, it must have been) why are we even studying it?

You showed zero interest in fairy tales. Did not bat an eye at mythology. Never read Harry Potter or watched ANYTHING fantasy — no Star Wars, no Lord of the Rings. You thought magicians were interesting but only because you knew their magic was learned and could be repeated. 

And you lied in the confessional at church on Fridays just to see what would actually happen if you did not perform the penance.

You would have rather listened to ads on the radio than have to sit through a Disney musical. Your favorite movie was Drop Dead Fred which was under no circumstances appropriate for your age but everyone let it slide because you seemed to get it.

There was no magic. 

But there was… something.

There was mystery. 

And lots of it. 

It was the only thing that grabbed and held your attention. Human Stories. Secrets. Scandal. Mental Health. Satire. Puzzles. Love. Truth. And Lies. 

You see, I made this your origin story on purpose. I sent you in like this so that you would be willing to unravel the biggest mystery of all. It was all by design.

Who are you?

Why are you here?

And what is your Soul here to do?

Here is one of my best-kept secrets. I send the wild ones in with a bit of magic or a thirst for mystery so that from day one there is a spark that is lit inside of them. Over time and with great precision I fan those flames by sending bursts of oxygen in their direction so that they get bigger and wilder until the fire burns so bright that all the walls come down. 

These questions, the big ones, are here for everyone to answer for themselves. 

But what can happen is that when you answer them for yourself there are these divine and universal truths that come out and sharing the experience of this great unraveling can fan the flames of another’s fire. 

And so here we are. You write these messages from me to you but also to them. So that they can glean the pieces that are for them, for everyone, from the story of your life. From the true story of how your magic came online.

Let’s tell them, Weaver, who the fuck you really are. 

6 pm tonight, we’re dropping part two.

Because every good mystery leaves you hanging. At least for a bit. 

In the meantime, sign up for Unhinged on 5/23


The Goddess (via Kelly)

P.S. Kelly here. I had no awareness about my origin story and how it tied in. The only thing I have ever actively thought about is how opposite my childhood experience was from how Sarah describes hers. I received so much understanding about how who I was is woven in with who I am now. What a gift. 


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