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The prelude, part III

I have spies everywhere.

They think the things they say are anonymous and can’t be heard but they all get back to me. 

I can’t believe she wears that out of the house.

She must really not care what other people think (cue giggles).

What do you think she’s doing back there in the woods? 

She just seems so full of herself.

I wonder what her husband thinks?

It was so much easier when I was the girl next door, the Disney Princess, the hostess with the mostest.

But even though I was surrounded by people, I felt so alone in my tall tower.

So I climbed down, cut off my hair, and took up my post as the witch in the woods.

I now talk to more trees than people, listen for the messages on the winds of change, watch the wrinkles form, and weave ceremonies for the women who are waking up.

Standing at the edge of the White Spring with a chalice in my hand, one step away from giving my life to the Goddess, I vowed to give up my full-time job of trying to be liked.

As an Ordained Priestess, I am held accountable to walking in integrity with my soul – the truest, most raw, and real version of me.

And with every layer of the onion removed of my old identity, I become more and more unrelatable.

But I am not here to model the life you are meant to create for yourself. I am not here to teach women how to be me. 

I am here to encourage you to raise your freak flag all the way up the flagpole pole, and in order to do that, I needed to do it myself.

As I have been getting to know who I am now, I haven’t been showing or talking about my inner world very much, and it has been glorious. I’ve just been showing up to Priestess, to initiate this community on their path.

But know that as much as I am initiating, I am also being initiated as a woman to swing to the edges of my range.

And I’ve been called to give you a peek. 

Some will project, judge, and scoff.

If it is you, just know what you judge in me, is what you judge in yourself. And I get it. I judge myself all the time.

But I know I am good with me. And I don’t need to be liked anymore (I mean, I prefer it, but that’s a post for another day). I am here to be unrelatable, so you, if you choose, can find what it means for you to be unrelatable too.




PS. Today’s reflection questions: What do you judge about me? (Feel free to keep this one in your journal and out of our inbox LOL I’m clear that I’m just a mirror for you, but I’m also human).

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