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Volume IV (from Kelly)

Dear Lyra,

I’ve never written to you before but I guess here we are. I’m not sure if this is for me or for the whole community, but what would you have me know today?



(Lyra is one of my personal spirit guides that I regularly connect with. On this day, I was having a fairly typical crisis of consciousness wondering if any of this shit is real or if I’m going crazy. Here is what she said. I think it was for all of us.)


Your skeptic is here to keep you safe.

I am here to help you meet her, and learn more about how she works and why she is here.

Your skeptic has you tangled. Stagnant. Suspended.

You are too caught up in the truth right now. 

(And I know, even that statement makes you cringe because for most of your life you’ve been obsessed with the whole concept of “truth” to begin with.)

You are too caught up in understanding the paper-thin lines between what is real and what is imagined.

I’m saying “too caught up” because you’re focusing so hard here that you are getting stuck. 


You are conflicted on what to believe and why this is happening to you.


On if everything matters, or if nothing does.

Sometimes these questions that keep you up at night feel haunting and daunting and like the most important inquiries in the world.

Other times, these very same questions feel frivolous and small and completely inconsequential – especially given the state of the real world.

Everything matters.

And nothing does.

This is all real.

And you’re totally making it up.

You have found the way.

And you are totally lost.

Your intuition guided you here.

And you’re walking a dangerous path.

This is the best possible life you could ever have. You are so grateful. In absolute awe of the magic. 

And there’s so much more available to you. You wish you could reach out and grab it. Magic isn’t real, science is.

You love the body that you are in. It gave you your babies. What a miracle it is to be here, as her.

And you are trapped in this body with no escape. How did she even get so heavy in the first place?

The work you are doing, this work, is IT. It’s waking the women. It’s liberation. It’s truth.

And you’re surfing someone else’s wave. You’re in a psychologically manipulative line of work. The bubble will burst at some point. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Time is merely an illusion — there is infinite time —and we can swap dimensions and realities as we choose – we have so much power to create the life we are meant to live. 

And there will never be enough time to do all of the things that you want to do or be the person you think you could be.

Money and abundance flow to you with ease and there is always more than enough.

And how can you make so much and still have so little?

You have everything you could have ever dreamed of, and more than most have even dared desire. You are present with the gifts and miracles of your life.

And if only that one thing was different. THEN you would feel like yourself. Sometimes you wish you were someone else.

Your relationships are pure gold. All that really matters in the end is how well you loved your people and how clearly you expressed it. Your connections are glorious and relationships are the only thing that matters in the end.

And no one really gets you. Maybe because you’re not really sure if you get you. And so you’re afraid to go all the way. With yourself. With them.

The skeptic can argue both sides. 

Convince you that one is true in one moment, and devastate you that you’re making it all up in the next.

The skeptic will keep you safe.

But what danger is it that you fear?

Being delusional.

Being lost.

Being out of touch.

Being swept up.

Being crazy.

But here is what I ask of you now, my old friend.

Who is hurt by you believing in magic? By believing in the divinity in you? By considering that you have spiritual gifts?

The answer, is no one.

And who is hurt by you getting lost in the logic of it all? By staying in the mind instead of in the heart, in the body? By distracting yourself with questions about what is real or unreal? Instead of staying right here – in the only truth that has ever really existed – in right now.

The answer, is you. Just you. You are the only person who is hurt.

Dearest friend,

Do no harm. 

Create no doctrines, no dogmas.

Stay off of the pedestal, and do not pedestal others.

Power within. Never power over.

Learn to hold your energic field.

Invite others into it, if you desire.

Stay with your experience of right here, right now.

Share with those who are excited to listen.

Leave all others to their own discoveries.

Trust what is being shown to you.

Follow the threads that feel good in your body.

Don’t worry about what it looks like.

The skeptic is here to keep you safe.

But you are not in danger.

You are free to decide if everything matters, or if nothing does.

Real. Unreal. Believable. Unbelievable. 

It’s whatever you want it to be,

Choose wisely.

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Lyra (via Kelly)

P.S. Kelly here – it feels incredibly vulnerable for me to share with you my personal connection to one of my spirit guides, to share the fact that I talk to them all the time, and to share that my skeptic is here and fully present every time we invite people into the community. When this came through for me the other day, it was after I asked my guides for a sign that I was on the right path – that this was the work I was meant to be doing. I asked for a pink elephant. The next day, I found one. In the middle of the forest, of all places. I sat down next to it and felt Lyra with me. I pulled out my notebook, and it was her turn to speak. I hope what you can feel from this transmission is that this pendulum we’re all swinging on – remembering and forgetting, remembering and forgetting, remembering and forgetting – is universal. I’m not here to convince you which side is real or what to believe. I’m here to show you that you are not alone in your curiosity. 

If you had a reaction, a reflection, a breakthrough from this transmission, I would be honored to witness you in it. Just reply here. 


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