Unraveled (part 2 of 3)

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Volume VII (from Kelly)

Part two.

Dear Goddess,

Ok, I’m intrigued. What happened next?

Let’s talk to them about when you first started to use the word magic. When you first started learning about the energy. When you first started playing with pendulums and pulling Tarot. When you started to tune into your wildness and your knowing and just going for it. 

When you first started using the word magic it was in reference to nature.

Flowers blooming.

The smell of the black locusts,

Then it was about the synchronicities.

The tiny details that connected you to someone else. Too specific to ignore.

Your favorite car, your grandmother’s car. Was the same as his favorite car, his beloved cousin. A 1989 Nissan 300 z, of all cars.

When there is such vastness between you and another and the tiniest detail connects you with a specificity that took your breath away. Took you OUT.

How could it be?

That all of this was so divinely orchestrated that you landed here in this exact moment with another.

And then again

And again

The more you looked, the more you saw.

And then you became so curious and so excited and so alive in the noticing that magic is pulsing through your veins and bringing you back to life.

And more and more details and depth caught your awareness and you brought your presence to them. 

And then you started reading about presence itself.

Tolle. Singer. Ruiz.

And the magic, as if by no force of your own or no will of your own called you INWARD to search for truth and depth and meaning inside of yourself.

Spiraling inward.

What was it that ever even influenced you before?

And then

You hit your shadows.

You got as far as you can without getting MESSY and letting the spiral of your becoming unravel you completely.

And so you start calling in the signs.

Begging to the heavens, to God, to your spirit guides, to the angels, to your loved ones who passed before you to show you something, ANYTHING. To throw you a clue, a nudge, a wink, a gesture – to let you know it’s all going to be OK and they are here with you and no matter how dark it gets you will never be alone.

And they sent them!

The signs.

And you saw them!




It’s magic. You thought.

But also

It’s unreal?

Am I ok?

Am I off my fucking rocker?

Am I actually insane?

You weren’t sure. So you kept going in.

And you asked for guidance and you started believing in something greater and even the skeptic in you couldn’t deny the magic that was being shown to you. 

And so you started to talk about it. You found someone, anyone, who you thought might get it and you worked up the courage to take a deep breath and say

“I know this is going to sound bat shit crazy but these things keep happening to me and I’m feeling everything change and oh my god is there any chance that you feel it too?”

And maybe they got it and maybe they didn’t but you did the hardest thing (you told your truth) and you didn’t die.

So you kept going.

And slowly, you assembled your people.

People who got it or who didn’t but thought it sounded magical and mystical and not scary at all. 

And you kept finding people and talking about it more and then you came across this random woman on the internet who had these ceremonies and this whole guide to creating a sacred practice and these programs where women can come into deeper connection with their souls and the truth of who they are.

And so you said FUCK IT and you paid $500 to go to a Temple ceremony where you didn’t even know anyone or have a fucking clue about what you would be doing there.

And you went, and you passed through this threshold called a gate and you dropped into an open-eyed meditation and a whole other dimension. 

And all of the shadows and all of the pain and all of the parts that you were too afraid to look at because they’d blow up your life came forward.

And you danced with them and loved them and let them know that the adult version of you – the woman who was alive and awake and aware and strong and extremely capable would be taking over from here.

And they could all come along for this unicorn ride but no longer were they to hide in the dusty shadows OR take the reins. 

And you kept coming back to ceremony because you met me there. Because you met yourself there. And it was magical and hard and it was LIFE.

And you vowed to be alive there inside of those Temple walls. 

You committed to being a different kind of mom.

To loving your body for all that she had done.

To being your full self inside of your marriage.

To leaving a job that was draining the life out of you because



That it was the next right thing for you.

And that you would find your way.

And somehow through more synchronicities, sacred work, and signs from the other side, the woman leading those ceremonies hired you to run the seven figure company that she built.

This chapter, the one we just wrote (let’s call it, part two), is the story of how you started to see the threads of magic unravel around you.

But we haven’t even begun the tale of how you started to feel those threads inside of you.

Let’s pause here, beloved.

There is more to say – but the power and the truth of the story is unfolding still in this very moment.

You’re going to have to drop in deeper than you ever have before to feel this next part come through.

Rest now.

Tomorrow we’re pulling all the threads together, Weaver.


The Goddess (via Kelly)

P.S. My dear friends and strangers who are reading this – I want to disclose what is happening for me in my real life as these transmissions and stories pour out. They are coming through at a rapid pace – for me and for Sarah. There is a rhythm and an order to what is being revealed – and we are trying our best to organize the transmissions in the order that they come in. Unraveled, parts one and two, came through for me early in the process, but part three hasn’t landed so I held back, waiting to see if part three would come through and they could be shared consecutively. Instead – my skeptic came online in Unrealistic, and the Lady of Justice came through with words for me in one of the most confronting pieces of writing that I have ever channeled in my scribing practice. We will drop it to you tomorrow morning. I am so clear why these pieces have come through before I tell you the wonderfully weird story of what is happening for me in the realm of magic. It’s to hold the balance point between the human and the ethereal – which is what all Sacred women are here to do. Part three has not come through yet, but I know that it will. Thank you for tuning in for the mystery. Exactly as I hoped, this process is healing.


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