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Volume XIV (from Kelly)

Dear Goddess, 

What’s the final message that’s meant to come through me? And just for me, maybe you could talk to me about my fear that this whole process, these transmissions, aren’t actually “working”…

Yes, love. Let’s talk about that – but it’s not just for you.

Let’s talk about how to hold your knowing even through contraction.

You writing these emails
It’s the best you’ve ever felt

More aligned, more alive, more clear than you’ve ever been.

The writing from both of you has been otherworldly. Beyond your wildest imaginations.

You had no idea when you started, that this is how it would turn out.

15,000 people – give or take – reading the words, and many responding with resonance.

“We’re going to do it differently,” you said.

There would be no emphasis on the outcome. No goal. No target number of registrations. No expected conversions.

Just writing. Just clear invitations. A heavy emphasis on vulnerability and really showing what is on the inside, on the outside. Sharing the truths as they come online, and through.

It’s easy to hold it at the beginning
When the numbers could uptick at any moment

It’s easy to hold it while you’re scribing
And when you feel the transmissions land in another

But what about when people unsubscribe?
What about when all you can hear are crickets?
What about when you can see them reading…
But they don’t sign up.

What if it feels good and true and clear to you
But nobody wants it.
Besides a sacred few.

What happens when you go all the way with your Soul – all the way with your work
But it doesn’t “work”

What do you do then, Weaver?

You are being asked to let this message come through because this experience that you are having in real-time is the experience that MOST WILL HAVE when they follow what is in their Soul – and put it into their work, or into their relationships, or into the world…

Most people will follow along quietly

Reading the words
Clicking the links
Watching the videos

And they will stay quiet

Some will respond in resonance – and the right few might join you in your work.

But most, my love, will stay quietly on the sidelines

Some cheering you on, wishing they were as brave

Some judging the shit out of you, because they haven’t truly met themselves yet

Some will unfollow, unsubscribe, and never think of you again

This thing that you think is IT…

Because it was of you,
and from you,
and for you,
and through you

Might be an enormous flop.

You might build the most beautiful castle, that no one will visit

At least not right now.

And what will you do then?

When your thing, your work, your new way, your Soul
Isn’t received with a blowout response
Of signups, and of conversions

I’ll tell you what you’ll want to do…

You will want to retreat
To rewind it all

You will start to review

Was it too weird?

Was it too much?

Should we have done it another way?

Should we also explain it using different words?

Do we need to weave the old ways that “worked” with the new ways that feel joyful and true?

To bridge people
To ease them in
To be more relatable
More palatable

Is it time to pivot? We still have a few days.

Did we scare them off? Shut them down? Leave them out?

Oh, but why didn’t it “work”

I really thought it would…

Except that’s not just what you’ll want to do, Kelly. It’s what you are doing.

Face it.
Own it.
You wanted different results.

I’m here to tell you that the old way wasn’t “working” either.

And that when you try something new and you run a different energy and when you come online and alive and you make something – it just doesn’t matter how it is received. 

I know you know that. And I know it’s annoying. 

But this work – the real work that you are here to do does not and will never translate to traditional measures of success.

It doesn’t mean you don’t need to figure it out – how to sustain your work – you do.

But it is never going to be as obvious as you want it to be.

You have to keep working
Keep writing
Keep trying new things
Hitting new layers

And unhinging from the outcome.

Once and for all.
And for real.

This is the final message to come through you for the women because it is also YOUR most important unhinging yet…

You must unhinge, my love, from needing proof.
You’ve clung to it your entire life.
And it does not exist.

There is only now.

There is only you.

Keep telling your truth.

Keep writing.

Keep unhinging.

Just keep going.

You have no idea how good this gets.

Unhinged is tomorrow. RSVP Here.

And remember, you don’t need to get better. You just get to be weirder.


The Goddess (via Kelly)


Some UNHINGED Details

UNHINGED is tomorrow, Thursday, May 23 from 12-1:30 pm eastern. The workshop will be recorded and we will send you the replay if you can’t make it live – but trust me when I say, if you can come live, you should. You’ll get more from the transmission.

During the Workshop, we are going to talk about the powerful role that Ceremony can play in our collective unhinging, and share all about our year-long mystery school & membership called Holy Woman. If you are finding that these emails are awakening something in you but you do not want to blow up your life so you haven’t signed up – I want to tell you that this is exactly what we are talking about at the Workshop. I encourage you to give yourself these 90 minutes to really sink into the feelings that are coming up for you over these last couple of weeks. 

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