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Volume V

Dear Goddess, 

Tell me the story of my magic. But one I don’t know.

My dearest Sarah,

Your story is nowhere near done, but we start at the beginning and end in the middle.

Yours is a story of rules. Of following them and breaking them. Of expansion and contraction. Of being restrained and unrestrained.

You came in with spells woven into your blood, that’s why you could hear the voices and see the patterns. 

You were unbound.

Then the invisible needles began piercing your heart and pulled in the threads of forgetting. They wrapped tight around you, cutting off your circulation, your connection.

It happens so slowly, and so deliberately that’s it’s barely noticeable, until you are completely spellbound – restrained, tight, and cut off from your magic.

Without your third eye to see your soul’s path, all that was left were the RULES.

Be smart

Be pretty

Be liked

Get married

Have babies

But the rules never felt quite like they were for you, did they? There’s a fine line between following the rules, and learning the game. 

Tennis anyone?

You walked such a tightrope into your life that by the time you got to motherhood, the rules got too restrictive and 


there goes the good wife


there goes the perfect mother 


there goes the good friend

And with every snap, you were unwinding the spellbinding.

PAUSE – but what do the rules have to do with magic?

Magic is infinite possibility. When one is faced with infinite possibility, like a vast ocean with no land in sight, one must use the compass to get where she wants to go.

When your life is like the ocean where you can go in infinite directions, you are forced to rely on your soul – your magic – your inner compass, and your compass has been programmed for your unique true north. 

When there are rules, those act like a labyrinth of deliberately constructed walls, often meant to confuse, distract, and make people feel lost. One does not need a compass, you’re just trying to get through. This does not require us to use our magic.

But you uncovered that motherhood itself is not a labyrinth, so you dismantled the walls, slowly, one at a time, and found yourself in infinite possibility with only your soul to guide you. 

And then you moved on to career…

Then marriage…

Slowly dismantling the rules inside of yourself and your relationships and being left with space.

And this is where you found me. Vast. Infinite. And you pulled your compass out of that blocked heart and we went for it.

You created a wide and sturdy container in your life. One that finally had space for all of you.

And it was time.

White light bathed the Temple. Your cells multiplied. 

New eyes so you could really see. 

New ears to hear. 

New hands to heal.

New voice to speak.

And I became you.

And the labyrinth walls of mySELF, not my roles or relationship or job, just me – fell, and I was completely disoriented.

Just keep breathing.

You are not crazy.

You are waking up.

This is normal. What’s happening out there is not.

It is safe to change.

It is safe to change.

It is safe to change.


Tell the truth.

One step at a time.

You are not wrong.

You are not crazy. 

You are just different.

I am a million faces of the Goddess

I am every lifetime

I am the trees

I am the mushrooms

I am the stars

I am the Dark Feminine

I am rage

I am hunger

I am passion

I am the sacred masculine

I am Union 

I am a Witch

I am a Priestess

I am an anointrix

I am a creatrix

I am the vast open ocean

I am a portal

I am love 

I am everything

I am unrestrained

I am undefined 

I am mine.

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The Goddess (via Sarah)


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